Spotted Sea Trout

Nick Names: Speckled Trout, Gator Trout

Characteristics: The spotted seatrout has prominent
canine teeth. It has an elongated, soft dorsal fin with
no scales. It usually has two anal spines and the
lateral line extends to the tip of the caudal fin.
The back has distinct spots scattered on it.

Size: 2-5 lbs is common, but can reach over 15 lbs

Habitat: Shallow, grassy areas of estuaries.

Fight: Sea Trout are verocious feeders. They love
the top water action and are a 7 on the fun to catch

"The most exciting Trout fishing we have ever experienced. From the time we made our first stop till the end of the trip we were hooked up."

The fishing is on
year round.

The best Charter Fishing Guide in Fernandina Beach and Amelia Island. Expect big fish most times of the year but consider these seasonal options if you are targeting a specific species or planning your trip.

Fishing Seasons

Winter and Spring:
Redfish, Trout, Black Drum

Bull Redfish, Trout, Ladyfish, Jacks, Tarpon, Cobia and Sharks

Bull Redfish, Tarpon, Sharks, Trout, Jacks and Mangrove Snapper

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